Renter's Handbook

Upon signing your rental contract, you will be provided with the Renter's Handbook (Exhibit E). This interactive, clickable version of that document is available here for your convenience.

There is a downloadable / printable version of these guidelines below the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

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About the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts

The Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts

The Stanford Calderwood Pavilion officially opened on September 28, 2004 and is the result of a joint venture between The Huntington and the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA). The Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA – housing the 370 seat Virginia Wimberly Theatre and the Nancy and Edward Roberts Studio Theatre with flexible seating and a standard capacity of 209 – was the first new theatre building built in Boston in 75 years. The Huntington manages the facility and programs it cooperatively with the BCA.

Located in the vibrant South End neighborhood on the BCA campus, the Calderwood is a cultural landmark for the City of Boston. The Calderwood provides a home for artistic innovation, including new play development by The Huntington; helps to build and diversify audiences; creates more opportunities for youth and community outreach; and expands the existing BCA complex to include more performance venues for Boston’s smaller arts organizations.

The Huntington

Recipient of the 2013 Regional Theatre Tony Award and Boston Magazine's 2013 Best of Boston award, the Huntington Theatre Company is Boston's leading professional theatre and one of the region's premiere cultural assets. Under the direction of Artistic Director Loretta Greco, The Huntington cultivates, celebrates, and champions theatre as an art form. For more information about The Huntington, please visit

Boston Center for the Arts

Boston Center for the Arts is the nexus of the arts in Boston, fostering the development of contemporary visual and performing arts and convening artists and audiences to create, explore and celebrate all creative disciplines. An integral part of the cultural fabric of the city, BCA utilizes its historic campus in the vibrant South End to present world-class exhibitions and performances, provide affordable work space, engage cultural consumers throughout the region and nurture artists with the resources to take risks and develop new art works. For more information about the Boston Center for the Arts, please visit

Box Office services are provided exclusively by Boston Theatre Scene (“BTS”); created and operated by The Huntington to service the needs of companies performing at the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA Plaza Theatres), the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts (Calderwood), and the Huntington Theatre, collectively referred to as “BTS Venues”. Through this service, companies are able to offer their patrons multiple Box Office locations as well as telephone and web ticketing and information.

The Virginia Wimberly Theatre

For all information and visuals of the Wimberly, please visit the Virginia Wimberly Theatre page of this site.

The Nancy and Edward Roberts Studio Theatre

For all information and visuals of the Roberts, please visit the Roberts Studio Theatre page of this site.

Carol G. Deane Rehearsal Hall

For all information and visuals of Deane, please visit the Carol Deane Hall page of this website.

Facility Use Policies

When not in use for Huntington productions, the Calderwood is available for rental to the community for events sponsored by organizations, corporations, and individuals. The Huntington reserves the right to deny any request for use of the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA facilities.

Rental rates include use of utilities as presently available, such as electricity, water, and natural gas. Basic custodial services (details on page 13) are included in the rental rate. The Huntington and the BCA reserve the right to use the Calderwood spaces and facilities during the term of any license agreement, provided that such use does not unreasonably interfere with the Licensee’s intended use of the facilities. All attempts will be made to inform renters of concurrent events in the Calderwood. Calderwood management will email a weekly calendar of events to all current users. Weekly calendars will also be posted outside Room 213 on the second floor of the Calderwood, and on our venue information website,

Code of Respect

The Huntington has adopted the following Code of Respect. It applies to all individuals entering the building. The Huntington aspires to create an inclusive and welcoming space for all communities that gather here. We are committed to learning as an institution and encourage all to join us in crafting and sustaining an equity-driven culture. We believe mutual respect is the foundation of a healthy community. Therefore, The Huntington will not tolerate racism, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. Individuals who fail to comply with this code of respect may be asked to leave the building or may be refused entry.

Hours of Operation

The Calderwood may be scheduled for non-performance activities Monday through Friday, 8am to 11pm, Saturday 12pm-11pm, and Sunday 12pm-10pm. Activities outside of these hours and for work on building holidays as defined in Appendix C must be approved in advance and will include a $100 per hour building staffing charge. Requests to extend or change building hours within 7 days prior to the event may be subject to additional charges.

The Calderwood Pavilion is available for performances Monday through Sunday. Performances shall not begin before 10:00am or after 9:00pm and shall end by 11:00pm. Licensee is expected to vacate the facility not more than 30 minutes following the conclusion of a performance. During the rehearsal period, we ask that rehearsals be scheduled to end 15 minutes before the building closes to allow time for company members to exit. Additional time spent in the facility beyond that approved by Calderwood management will be charged at a rate of $200 per hour or partial hour.

Prior written approval from the Calderwood Pavilion Manager is required for all performances on holidays or outside of these stated times. Licensee will schedule no more than eight (8) performances per week and no more than two (2) performances per day without the prior written approval of the Calderwood Pavilion Manager. Any additional performances will be subject to additional charges. Licensee will provide, for the Calderwood Pavilion Manager’s approval, an exact performance and use schedule at least four (4) weeks prior to the Box Office on-sale date or the first building use, whichever is earlier. Any proposed changes shall be subject to the Calderwood Pavilion Manager’s prior approval.

Curtain Times

To ensure smooth and efficient Front and Back of House operations, Calderwood management reserves the right to implement standard curtain times for each performance space in the Calderwood complex. The Calderwood Pavilion Manager must approve all performance schedules before an event may be put on sale. Preferred curtain times are Tuesday – Thursday at 7:30pm, Friday and Saturday evening at 8:00pm, Wednesday matinee at 2:00pm, Saturday matinee at 2:00pm or 4:00pm, and Sunday matinee at 2:00pm or3:00pm. Alternate curtain times may include a Front of House labor surcharge as well as Box Office charges.

The standard Box Office closing times (subject to non-performance and holiday closings) are as follows:

Monday – closed

Tuesday – 6:00pm**

Wednesday – 7:30pm

Thursday – 7:30pm

Friday – 8:00pm

Saturday – 8:00pm

Sunday – 4:00pm**

**Additional costs are waived if your event begins concurrently with that day’s Huntington/Calderwood events, this applies especially on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Additional costs may apply for matinees earlier than 2pm.


The Calderwood Pavilion Manager will create calendars for both theatres in coordination with the Boston Center for the Arts. The Carol G. Deane Rehearsal Hall (see page 8) is scheduled through the Calderwood, while the Arts Resource Room and the Nicholas Martin Rehearsal Hall are scheduled by the BCA. The Calderwood will be available for rental only for those times that The Huntington and the BCA have no scheduled programs or activities. Any supporting events utilizing the Calderwood common spaces (lobbies, backstage areas, etc.) must be scheduled with, and approved by, the Calderwood Pavilion Manager. The Calderwood theatres and rehearsal spaces will be made available to organizations on a seasonal basis in the following order: The Huntington, BCA, and Calderwood Resident Companies.

After the completion of the priority bookings (around March 1 of each year) new requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Multi-week bookings will receive priority followed by full week bookings. Please contact the Calderwood Pavilion Manager with all scheduling questions.

Licensing and Fees

At the discretion of Calderwood management, the facilities are available for use under the policies detailed here and under the terms of a customized License Agreement which grants each licensee the right to short-term use of a particular space for the specified dates, times, and conditions only.

Discounted rental rates are available for performing arts, cultural, and community service organizations that qualify as tax-exempt organizations pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please contact the Calderwood Pavilion Manager for specific rates detailing facility use, labor fees, as well as fees for the rental of additional equipment.


Please refer to the License Agreement, Section 15-C for Insurance Information.

Payments and Deposits

The Calderwood will itemize and assess an estimated contract amount for each event in consultation with the Licensee. Some fees, such as personnel costs, are estimated to the best of the Calderwood’s ability given the information provided by the Licensee. No other work (including, but not limited to, overtime labor and custodial services) in addition to the contracted amount will be done without the approval of the Licensee. For details regarding fees specific to your production, please refer to your License Agreement.

Custodial Services

Standard cleaning is included in the rental price. Standard cleaning is defined as trash removal, broom swept hallways and floors, vacuuming, and clean and sanitized bathrooms. Such services are performed on a regular schedule built around rehearsal and performance times. Standard cleaning does not include the cleaning of performance areas (i.e. sweeping and mopping stages) unless the Calderwood House crews are contracted. Construction waste removal is not offered by the Calderwood Pavilion (wood, scrap metal, paint, etc.) and rental clients must dispose of this refuse themselves.

Dressing Rooms are cleaned thoroughly between rental clients and before the beginning of your rental period. Due to the sensitive nature of dressing room spaces, they are only cleaned again upon request to the Operations Supervisor. Trash cans should be left in the hallway at the end of each evening to be emptied by custodial staff overnight.

The Calderwood Pavilion Manager has the sole right to determine additional cleaning needs. Licensee will be charged for any additional cleaning needs created by its production or event.

All catered events will incur an additional cleaning fee.

Heat and Utilities

All questions regarding heat, A/C, and utilities should be directed to the Calderwood Pavilion Manager, House Manager, or Operations Supervisor. The rental price of the Calderwood includes reasonable use of utilities, such as electricity, water, and natural gas.

Loading Dock

Please see the loading dock page of the site for more information.

Equipment Safety

All Calderwood equipment must be used in a “safe and proper” way in accordance with equipment’s user manual and safety instructions. Any use deemed “unsafe” will result in the Licensee being prevented from using the equipment. Calderwood personnel have final say in what is “safe and proper” usage of equipment. Further information about the Huntington’s safety policies and procedures can be viewed at

Personnel Lifts (Genies)

The Calderwood Pavilion has one (1) AWP 25S Genie. A second Genie owned by the BCA may also be available with prior arrangement. Lifts may only be used as intended. Genie lifts may never be pushed while the boom is extended. Only personnel trained by an approved Huntington employee can use the personnel lifts. Training can take up to 30 minutes depending on the number of trainees. Personnel Lift training must be listed in Licensee’s load-in schedule. Personnel Lift operator certification is valid for one year after training, and can be extended for another year if personnel have had consistent work in our facilities. If an individual has not worked in the building in more than one year, they must be re-trained.

Fall Protection Systems

The Wimberly Theatre is outfitted with Fall Protection Systems in multiple locations, including the onstage galleries, the front of house catwalks, and the balcony rail. Fall Protection equipment may only be used as intended and is required for specific access and/or tasks in each area. Any fall protection equipment provided by the Licensee (i.e. personal harnesses) is subject to approval by Huntington staff before use.

Only personnel trained by an approved Huntington employee can use the Fall Protection Systems. Such training must be listed in Licensee’s load-in schedule. User certification is valid for one year after training, and can be extended for another year if personnel have had consistent work in our facilities. If an individual has not worked in the building in more than one year, they must be re-trained.


The Calderwood Pavilion is equipped with a variety of A-frame, stick, and extension ladders. Ladders may only be used on firm level ground. Personnel must follow manufacturer’s guidelines and may not stand above the proper working height for each ladder.

Hard Hat Policy

Hard hats will be required during strike and install (from the beginning of hang until focus), as well as anytime rigging is being worked on overhead. Signs will be posted at all access points to the stage when hard hat policies are being enforced. Everyone onstage must wear hard hats. No tours will be allowed while hard hats are required.

Exceptions can be made at the determination of Calderwood management, in consultation with other departments working on-stage. Hard hats will not be required for:

Hard hats for renters and over-hire working in the Calderwood will be stored in the designated cabinet in the backstage hallway. They will be given out at the start of each workday and must be returned at the end of each day. Please consult with the House Crew on how to properly fit your hard hat.

Any damage requiring the replacement of a helmet will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If damage is determined to be caused by misuse, the user may be assessed a replacement fee of $75.

Office Space

Additional hardwired internet and/or telephone connections can be made available in most auxiliary spaces with coordination in advance of your first day in the facility. There is no additional office space available in the Calderwood.

The Calderwood is equipped with a wireless network that may be available to Licensee during the License Period. Licensor does not guarantee such service will be available to all Licensees or at all times. This wireless network should not be relied upon for any production-critical use. The network may be reduced or discontinued without notice. The network may not be used for streaming services (Netflix, Spotify, etc.) or large downloads.

Shared Support Spaces

Due to the shared nature of the Calderwood, no unauthorized personnel will be allowed to access any of the backstage spaces at any time. Only Licensee’s cast, crew, and staff members may access its assigned support spaces. Guests of cast, crew and staff are forbidden to go backstage without prior approval by Calderwood Management.


All restrooms in the Calderwood Pavilion are gender neutral. In addition to the Stalls Only and Stalls & Urinals restroom for the public, there are two gender neutral restrooms and two separate showers backstage on the first floor. All Calderwood users share these restrooms. Please do not leave personal effects in the restrooms. Backstage restrooms and showers may never be used for costume changes or makeup stations.

Wardrobe Room

For more information on the wardrobe space, please see the Wardrobe page of this site.

Green Rooms

There are two green rooms located on the first floor in the backstage hallway. The Calderwood Pavilion Manager will assign one green room to each Licensee of the Wimberly and Roberts Theatres. Calderwood management reserves the right to allocate this space as necessary to a single event. Use is limited to your assigned green room.

The green rooms are not to be used as additional dressing rooms, work rooms, or storage space. No construction or painting is permitted in these spaces. There is an on-stage monitor in each green room with both audio and video.

There is an additional green room in the second-floor rehearsal wing to be shared by both rehearsal halls. This space does not have video or audio monitoring capabilities to either rehearsal hall. Green rooms are each equipped with a sink, microwave, refrigerator, and couch (2nd floor green room does not have a couch). The green rooms will be swept once a week by a member of the Calderwood Staff. Other cleaning needs are the responsibility of Licensee. Licensee agrees to clean up and remove any food or beverage spills or leftovers in order to avoid infestation. Refrigerators should be cleaned out periodically.

Dressing Rooms

For more dressing room information, please see the Dressing Rooms page of this site.


No portion of the entries, lobbies, halls, or ways of access may be obstructed for any purpose other than entry and egress to and from the Calderwood. In the Roberts Studio Theatre, he traditionally upstage left loading doors (Southeast corner) cannot be used as an entrance or exit for actors, crew, or staff during a performance. These larger and louder doors may be used for loading/unloading and in the event of an emergency only.

Roberts Theatre users should use best efforts to include a crossover within the theatre so that it is not necessary to use the shared backstage hallway for crossovers or quick changes.


There are no shops, technical workspaces, or storage available at the Calderwood. If additional workspace is required, please contact the Calderwood Pavilion Manager for local recommendations. Any and all use of saws must be approved by house personnel and be used with appropriate dust collection. The Calderwood may have dust collection equipment available for daily rental.

The Calderwood Pavilion cannot accommodate the disposal of construction trash (wood, scrap metal, paint, etc). All of our trash goes in a compactor, and these items are not permitted in the compactor. Renters must remove these items from the building themselves during strike or before.

House Rules

Please distribute these rules to your staff and production team.


Personnel: Terms of Use

Calderwood personnel are final arbiters of what can and cannot be done in the Calderwood. Calderwood personnel may halt any work or performance at any time which they deem to be unsafe. The Calderwood may not be held responsible for any unsafe work of the Licensee or its contractors that is not stopped or is permitted through omission.

Use of the Calderwood does not imply support from The Huntington production departments, their staff, stock, or equipment. Calderwood staff act in a supervisory capacity and assume no responsibility for planning, designing, or executing Licensee’s event unless specific arrangements have been made in advance for such services. In the event a Calderwood staff member is unavailable for an event, a replacement will be assigned by the Calderwood Pavilion Manager.

See the contact us page of the site for contact info for our staff.

Calderwood Pavilion Manager

Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor

The Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor is available to Licensees prior to commencement date for guidance regarding scenery, sound, lighting, and general set-up. All technical plans must be approved at least two weeks prior to load-in. The Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor is also available during production load-in to consult with Licensees regarding efficient use of crew, safety, and proper use of equipment. The exact number of hours the Operations Supervisor and house crew are available is determined by the technical complexity of Licensee’s event.

Calderwood Management Associate

BTS Ticketing Operations Manager

Calderwood Box Office Coordinator

Calderwood House Manager

All listed positions have associates that can stand in in the event of illness, injury, vacation, etc. These associates are a crucial part of our team, and will be present for meetings, load-ins, strikes, performances, etc.

House Crew

Please refer to your License Agreement for details about your specific arrangement with the Calderwood regarding house crews. Please refer to your License Agreement, Exhibit C for current fees for additional personnel and services.

Calderwood employees are employed by The Huntington and follow its employment practices regarding breaks, meal periods, etc. Massachusetts law requires one break of not less than thirty minutes after six hours of work. The staff of the Calderwood are available to answer questions regarding scheduling and budgeting as it relates to these employment policies.

In addition to the personnel listed, other personnel may also be required, depending on the technical needs of the event. Calderwood management reserves at its sole discretion the right to assess those needs and require the presence of additional Calderwood or contract personnel, at Licensee’s cost and expense. Calderwood equipment is to be operated only by Calderwood personnel to protect the safety of those on Calderwood property. Labor fees for Calderwood personnel will be added to Licensee’s use fee and included in the total contract amount determined in advance of the Licensee’s event in the License Agreement.

The House Creww and a short list of their responsibilities are:

 Calderwood Pavilion House Electrician

 Calderwood Pavilion Sound Engineer

 Calderwood Pavilion Run Carpenter

Virginia Wimberly Theatre House Staff

For events in the Virginia Wimberly Theatre, three members of the Calderwood house crew must be at the facility any time Licensee, its contractors, employees, or agents are present, unless otherwise approved by Calderwood Management. These crew members’ primary responsibility is to supervise the work happening within the space. They are not responsible for loading in any physical elements or leading Licensee’s crew.

When the public is present, the following paid personnel must also be in the facility:

Nancy and Edward Roberts Studio Theatre House Staff

For events in the Roberts Theatre, one member of the Calderwood house crew must be at the facility any time that the Licensee, its contractors, employees, or agents are present, unless otherwise approved by Calderwood management. Two members of the Calderwood house crew must be at the facility for the load-in up to and including the point at which the majority of the event’s physical elements are installed in the building, lighting and sound cues have been teched and programmed with the show ready for tech/dress rehearsals. House crew is also required for load-out. These crew members’ primary responsibilities are to supervise the work happening within the space. They are not responsible for loading in any physical elements or leading Licensee’s crew.

When the public is present, the following paid personnel must also be at the facility:

Security and Access

Calderwood Hours of Operation

Work may be scheduled during the hours of Monday through Friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 12pm-11pm, and Sunday 12pm-10pm and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance with the Calderwood Pavilion Manager.

The complex may be scheduled for performances Monday through Sunday. Performances shall not begin before 10:00am or after 9:00pm and shall end by 11:00pm. See Facility Use Policies, Hours of Operation for additional information (page 9 & 10).

Tap Cards and Keys

Tap cards are the keys to the exterior entrances of the Calderwood. A limited number of cards for cast and crew are included in the rental fee and must be returned at the end of the License Period. A total count of cast and crew who need tap cards is due to Calderwood management at least one week prior to the start of the License period. Additional cards and replacements for lost cards are available for a $20 fee. Licensee will be billed on final settlement for any tap cards not returned to Calderwood staff on the final day of the License Period.

Tap cards also serve as identification that you are a part of a Licensee group. When the facility is open to the public, please be prepared to present your tap card to Front of House staff as a means of identification so that you are not asked for a ticket. Please notify everyone on your production team with this policy.

A limited number of keys will be supplied to Licensee for doors to the Licensed Premises and related support spaces. Replacements for lost keys are available for a $75 fee. Licensee will be billed on final settlement for any keys not returned to Calderwood staff on the final day of the License Period.

Door Propping

At no time will the propping of an exterior door be deemed an acceptable method for managing the entrance of cast, crew, or staff into the building. If it is necessary to keep a door unlocked for a specified period of time for cast and crew arrival (subject to prior approval by Calderwood management), it will be necessary for that door to be monitored by an individual devoted to that task at all times.

It is the Renter’s responsibility to admit any additional personnel hired for load-in, load-out, or other calls.


Theatres and assigned support space areas (green rooms and dressing rooms) will be locked when not in use by the Licensee to protect the belongings and equipment of the Licensee. A Calderwood representative will unlock appropriate areas when Licensee is working in the building if keys have not been provided to Licensee. The Huntington and the Boston Center for the Arts cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of Licensee property anywhere in the building.

Calderwood management may determine, or Licensee may request, that a Stage Door Person be present to handle this security. In the event that a Stage Door Person is utilized, the hourly fee will be at Licensee’s cost and expense.

For public performances, the Calderwood hires Front of House personnel for patron safety and assistance.

Emergency Contact Information

For any life-threatening situations, please dial 911.

In case of a building emergency, please notify the Calderwood Pavilion Manager.

If there is an emergency involving a patron, please notify the House Manager or their assign.

Ticketing and Box Office Services and Policies

Please refer to the Boston Theatre Scene 2023-2024 Box Office Agreement for general Box Office policies and procedures. The information included here consists of specific information for the Calderwood Pavilion.

Also see Curtain Times under Facility Use Policy (page 9 & 10).

Calderwood House Seats / Emergency House Seats

The Calderwood will withhold house seats as outlined below, to be released twenty-four (24) hours prior to performance except that eight (8) tickets per performance in the Wimberly and four (8) tickets per performance in the Roberts and Rehearsal Halls shall continue to be held for use at the Calderwood’s discretion to resolve any last minute ticketing issues and/or VIP requests. If not used, half will be released at half hour and the remaining tickets will be held until five minutes before curtain.

The locations for these House Seats are at the discretion of Calderwood management.


Licensee shall ensure that at no time will the Licensed Premises exceed the maximum seating capacity as listed below. To that end, everyone in the house must have a valid ticket, including Licensee’s volunteers, staff, and directors. Per code, there is no standing room and all children, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

Wheelchair Accessibility

It is the responsibility of the Licensee to become familiar with all applicable ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliance issues. Please see the capacity information above for accessible seating capacity and locations for each theatre. It is necessary to have three companion seats available for every wheelchair location. The decision to release accessible seats and their corresponding companion seats is at the Calderwood’s discretion. Depending on the seating layout, additional seats may be held to meet ADA requirements.

There is elevator access to all floors of the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA.

Licensee Responsibilities

Licensee shall notify the Calderwood Pavilion Manager, in writing, of the following. This information should be submitted no later than four weeks before tickets are to go on sale to the public, and in no event later than twenty-eight business days before the first public performance. Failure to provide the requested information will delay the programming process and as such delay the on-sale date.

All other ticketing information will be collected on the Box Office Build Form,

including ticket prices, discounts, house seats, and comp policies.

This form will be sent to you once we receive a signed contract.

Front of House

Depending on the activities in the building, there will be 4-8 paid Front of House staff provided by the Calderwood. All other ushers provided by the Calderwood are volunteers. If Licensee has a volunteer corps, the Calderwood House Manager would be happy to utilize your volunteers. Encourage any interested volunteers to register on line at: or email us at to arrange for volunteer usher shifts during your engagement. Volunteer ushers must be allowed to attend the performance at which they volunteer. The House Manager will make every effort to seat volunteer ushers in unsold seats; however, should it seem likely unsold seats do not exist, the Calderwood reserves the right to hold additional seats for these ushers.

Noise Management

The management of noise in the theatre lobby and any noise bleed from the theatre lobby into the theatres is the sole responsibility of the Licensee. The Calderwood House Manager is available during performances to help solve any immediate noise problems.

Pre-Show Announcement

Please see these details on the Pre-Show Announcement Page.


Licensee will coordinate in advance with the Calderwood House Manager regarding delivery of programs for the production. Also see Marketing section (page 29) for additional information regarding the program.

Merchandise and Concessions Sales

Licensee may sell merchandise (including but not limited to t-shirts, posters, and other souvenirs) only by prior arrangement with the Calderwood Pavilion Manager. If Licensee chooses to sell merchandise, Licensee is responsible for state sales tax collection and transmission to the state. Licensee must pay the Calderwood a commission from the gross proceeds from these sales as stipulated in the License Agreement, with an inventory count done daily and settlement done at the end of each performance week. The Calderwood reserves the right to verify inventory. The Calderwood will determine the location of all merchandise sales and will provide a table at Licensee’s request.

The Calderwood maintains exclusive rights to concessions (food and beverage, including alcohol) sales at the Calderwood. Licensee may not sell food or beverages at the Calderwood at any time. All receipts from concession sales remain with the Calderwood. The Calderwood will be responsible for staffing, inventory, and collection of sales tax. Concessions are sold pre-show and during intermission at the bars on the first and second floors. In adherence with Massachusetts Liquor Laws, Licensee may not carry alcohol into the Calderwood at any time for any reason.

Hearing Enhancement

The Calderwood is equipped with an FM hearing enhancement system. Headphones and T-Coil loops are available free of charge at Coat Check (or at the Lobby Bar when Coat Check is closed) for use during performances. The Calderwood is also equipped for Audio Description, ASL interpreted performances, and Open Caption. The Calderwood may be able to provide these services, subject to availability.

Coat Check

Coat Check is open at the discretion of the Calderwood House Manager, but typically when there is a performance in the Wimberly or Roberts Theatres from November through March. It is located in the main lobby across from the bar. There is a $2 per item fee charged to patrons. If Coat Check is desired at other times of the year, it may be opened by request, with the staffing cost billed to Licensee.

Videotaping and Photography

Licensee must obtain prior written permission from the Calderwood to photograph, film, broadcast, record, or reproduce by radio, television, or any other device, the performances inside the facility. Licensee must agree to indemnify, defend, protect, and hold harmless the Calderwood from all losses of every kind and nature suffered by the Calderwood arising out of union actions related to a violation of this Section by Licensee, its agents, contractors, employees, or patrons. Violation of this policy may result in cancellation or interruption of the performance at the sole discretion of Calderwood management.

Additionally, Licensee agrees to prohibit any activity or equipment to obstruct an aisle, stair, or exit. Camera tripods may only be placed in approved locations in each facility and may result in the loss of available seating locations.

Licenses is responsible for obtaining consent from anyone it intends to photograph or film. Calderwood Staff must be notified at least 24 hours in advance to give proper notice to other staff members. Photos are not allowed in any hallways or common spaces. Any social media takeovers, personal photos, etc. should only be taken in a show’s own dressing rooms or green rooms.

Content and Effect Warnings

Any content warnings related to your production should be available for public viewing in the lobbies. Examples of these warnings include but are not limited to: nudity, rape and/or sexual assault, suicide, atmospheric effects, use of herbal cigarettes, gun shots, and more. For assistance creating an appropriate list of warnings, please reach out to Calderwood Staff.

House Open and Curtain Holds

The audience must be able to enter the performance space no later than 15 minutes prior to published curtain times; 30 minutes is preferred. We make every effort to begin performances on time. Any hold to the start of the performance must be coordinated between the House Manager and the Stage Manager.

Late Seating Policy

In consideration of actors and other audience members, latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the Calderwood House Manager, in conjunction with Licensee’s Stage Manager. The Stage Manager must be able to give verbal cues to the House Manager during the performance. Please keep this in mind when determining the location of your calling station and design and staging of the production.

The decision not to allow late seating for Licensee’s production must be made in advance of the public on sale date and must be approved by the Calderwood Pavilion Manager. If late seating is not allowed, Licensee must provide a representative to be present in the lobby 30 minutes past the published curtain time.

Patron Emergencies During Performances

If there is an emergency involving a patron, please notify the House Manager or their assign.


For all marketing information including PR materials, venue specifications, signage, digital signage, and more - please visit the Marketing and Signage page of the site.

Fire Rules & Regulations

All Licensees are required to and responsible for following state and city regulations regarding fire safety and building codes. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to be informed of applicable fire and building codes. For the most up to date requirements and forms please refer to the Boston Fire Department website:

There is absolutely no recreational smoking allowed anywhere on the Premises, including e-cigarettes and vape pens. Open flame is not allowed anywhere on the Premises for recreational purposes, including use of birthday candles and sterno cans. Licensee shall make sure that all members of its company are made aware of this policy. Licensee shall be responsible for all fines if a member of its company is caught smoking in the Premises.

Boston Fire Department Certifications

Advance notice and clearance are required through the Boston Fire Department (BFD) for all soft goods, open-flames, pyrotechnics, and special effects used in Boston theatres. Licensee is responsible for submitting the application and paying any application fees to the BFD. See the BFD website for more information:

Completed permits are due to the Calderwood Pavilion Manager for review at least two weeks prior to installation. The BFD has the legal right to refuse to allow materials to be used in the theatre and/or to require a Fire Detail to be present at all performances.

Use of special effects in the Calderwood theatres may require that the building’s fire protection systems be “zoned out.” The per-performance fee for zoning out the system (as charged by the alarm company) is listed on License Agreement, Exhibit C. This often requires a duty officer from the BFD to be on hand if any portion of the system is disabled. The Calderwood will make any arrangements necessary for system overrides and BFD detail at the expense of the Licensee.

Licensees are expressly forbidden from using any pyrotechnics or open flame or engaging in any activity that involves risk of fire, unless Licensee has received the specified prior approval from the BFD. If a performance or the production is closed by the BFD or any other government agency or department because of Licensee’s alleged non-compliance with applicable code or permit requirements, Licensee must nevertheless pay the Calderwood the full amount of its use and occupancy fees. In addition to the requirements of the BFD, the Calderwood reserves the right to assess and regulate the risk of fire or safety of the proposed performances.

Soft Goods and Combustible Materials

Any and all scenic soft goods must be treated with fire retardant and have a current certification by the Boston Fire Department prior to use in the Premises.

Flame retardant paint is required for all exposed combustible items, including wooden scenery and any real or imitation foliage. Items must be treated with flame retardant prior to entering the building; treatment may not be done on the Premises.

Cardboard gel frames are not allowed in any Calderwood space, including use with rental equipment.

Special Effects as Part of a Performance

Cigarette smoking or use of other smoking materials onstage during performance requires review by Calderwood Staff, and may require a permit from the Boston Fire Department. This includes candles, matches, pipe smoking, or other similar actions on- or off-stage.

Use of Smoke or Haze as part of a performance also requires a special effect permit from the BFD, and must be coordinated at least two weeks in advance with the Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor. Dry ice effects may be used with prior written approval from Calderwood Management, and do not require a special effect permit from the BFD.

Only CO2 based haze is permitted at the Calderwood Pavilion due to our sensitive fire alarm system. The only permissible haze machine is the MDG Atmosphere APS using neutral fluid. These haze machines are available for rent locally from High Output or 4Wall Boston. We recommend Tolman Manufacturing for CO2 sales. Other machines are not permitted without testing by Calderwood Staff one month or more in advance of the first day of load-in for your production. Testing requires the presence of the fire alarm company, and the Boston Fire Department. Testing costs are the responsibility of the Licensee.