Carol G. Deane

Rehearsal Hall

General Information

The rehearsal rooms are intended for use as support for the performance spaces at the Calderwood and to fulfill the mission of The Huntington. Deane Hall may also be used as a performance space for up to 80 patrons. Risers are available upon request; event capacity will depend on the riser configuration.

Deane Rehearsal Hall is located on the second floor of the Calderwood. It is an irregular rectangle with angular walls and floor to ceiling windows on the two walls overlooking Tremont Street. The west wall has an 8’ tall mirror running along its length and windows have blackout curtains. Deane Rehearsal Hall has vinyl flooring on top of a sprung wood floor. An irregular lighting grid follows the line of the roof and covers the entire space to within a few feet of the walls. The walls and floor may not be painted, screwed, bolted, or lagged into. The windows are equipped with sheer curtains and black out drapes.

Event Rental Information

Calderwood Pavilion Event Brief.pdf

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Measurements

1654 square feet

North Wall (doors): 45'-0"

South Wall (windows on Tremont Street): 46'-0"

East Wall (windows): 49'-0"

West Wall (mirrors): 35'-0"

The lowest point on the grid is 14'-0"

The highest point on the grid is 19'-0"

Grid specs:

Maximum Uniform Load: 30 pounds per linear foot (PLF)

Maximum Concentrated Load: 285lbs

Maximum Hanger Loads @ grid loading of 30plf: 563 pounds/hanger

Lighting and Electrical

Electrical Capability: 100-amp 3-phase company switch available.

Lighting: The stage lighting system consists of 24 x 2.4kw ETC Sensor Dimmers and an ETC Express 250 light board. A small inventory of ETC lights and cable are provided. Renter is responsible for providing all gel and tie line.


The sound system consists of a Yamaha MG166Cwith four Peavey PR12 speakers and amps. Please note there is no playback device included in Deane Hall.

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