Venue Policies & Guidelines

New versions of this documentation are generated every year and published in July. The documents below are effective through June 30, 2023, with the exception of the COVID Control Plan which is updated as the COVID situation changes. Thank you!

FY24 Renters Handbook.pdf

Renter's Handbook

The Renter's Handbook is arranged to provide as much information as possible to those who need it. Each performance space has a separate section detailing its specifications, followed by general information about the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA with which all users should familiarize themselves. Inventories referenced throughout can be found in the Appendices in the back of the Handbook.

This document is updated each year in the summertime.

Last updated 10-July 2023, effective thru 30-June-2024

FY24 Production Rental Guidelines.pdf

Rental Guidelines

We understand that the Renter's Handbook can be lengthy, and not everyone on staff needs to know every detail. This condensed document takes the most important points including schedule expectations, guidelines for all production departments, load in/out, and general building use policies. Every production staff member should be familiar with these guidelines.

This document is updated each year in the summertime.

Last updated 01 July 2023, effective thru 30 June 2024

COVID-19 Policy

 The Huntington does not require masks or proof of vaccination for entry.  All requirements of testing or masks within the venue must be approved by theatre management at time of contract.  Licensee is responsible for monitoring the health of all employees who enter the building. Persons who are experiencing symptoms or have a positive test in response to a respiratory illness, should refrain from entering Huntington venues until their symptoms are improving and/or they have been fever-free without the use of medications for 24 hours. Upon return "extra precautions"  should be taken for 5 days which may include wearing a mask around others. If an individual tests positive for any respiratory illness who was working onsite within 48 hours, you are required to notify venue management. 

Updated 21-May-2024