The Calderwood Pavilion is equipped with a shared wardrobe space built to serve both the Wimberly and the Roberts simultaneously. This small space is split down the middle, with the countertop/cabinet side belonging to the Wimberly, and the side of the room with the window belonging to the Roberts. The Huntington keeps supplies for our shows in the cabinets of this space, and are not shared resources with renters. Companies renting the Wimberly or Roberts are responsible for bringing any and all supplies they may need for use in this space including but not limited to:

This space is equipped with two washing machines and two dryers. When both spaces are occupied, one washer and one dryer are reserved for use by the team in their respective spaces. The machines have magnetic labels to signal which space is using which machine. When one space is dark for the day, the other venue is welcome to use all four machines. Renters will also have access to a fold-up ironing board.


360° Views from inside the space:

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