Marketing, Signage, and Promotion

Posters & Printed Materials

All printed materials (including mailings, advertisements, posters,

flyers, discount coupons, etc.) must be forwarded to the Calderwood

Pavilion Manager for review and approval prior to going to print.

Large Lobby Posters

Licensees using the Wimberly Theatre or the Roberts Theatre shall be provided with the opportunity to place a poster in the Calderwood Box Office Lobby in a location designated by Calderwood management (the “Allowed Poster Location”). Licensees using Deane Rehearsal Hall or Martin Hall may be allowed to place a poster in the Calderwood Box Office Lobby on a space available basis. Such posters must comply with Calderwood specifications as outlined below. The exact placement and position of said poster shall be at the sole discretion of Calderwood management. Posters should be a standard one-sheet size (30” wide x 55” high with a recommended image size of 28” x 50”). For the best result, we recommend the poster be printed on calendar paper.

There are seven poster frames in the outer lobby, and we often have available space. When you have your poster ready to go, please send it over as soon as possible so that we can display it!

Shows a picture of an 11" wide by 17" tall poster frame displayed in the Calderwood Pavilion lobbies.

Inner Lobby Posters

Licensees using the Wimberly Theatre or Roberts Theatre may post materials in 11’’ x 17’’ frames located on the Orchestra and Mezzanine Lobbies; one frame per floor. Licensees using Deane Hall or Martin Hall will be provided with one 11’’ x 17’’ frame at the entrance to the Rehearsal Hall corridor.

Displays the designated display area for the Virginia Wimberly Theatre in the orchestra lobby of the Calderwood Pavilion. Dimensions are 5 feet tall by 10 foot 6 inches wide. A poster frame is displayed above this surface that is 40 inches tall by 30 inches wide.

Wimberly Theatre - Designated Display Area

This display area is located between the coat check and the house left orchestra entrance doors.

Please plan to bring your own pins or tacks to utilize the blue surface. Tape is not an acceptable mounting method. No nails, screws, or any other attachment device that might permanently damage this surface.

The pictured frame Is for Actors Equity Information but can also be used as more promotion space. The frame can be removed.

Shows the Roberts Studio Theatre designated display area which is a large pinboard that is 16 feet wide by 4 feet tall.

Roberts Studio Theatre - Designated Display Area

This display area is located to the left of the main entrance to the Roberts Studio Theatre.

Please plan to bring your own pins or tacks to utilize the blue surface. Tape is not an acceptable mounting method. No nails, screws, or any other attachment device that might permanently damage this surface.

Digital Signage

The Calderwood Pavilion is equipped with seven digital signage monitors that are used to promote upcoming productions/events as well as provide information to patrons about the facility and show they are seeing. Companies using the building for their event are encouraged to create digital content for these displays to promote their event.

We have two types of monitors at the Calderwood Pavilion:

All productions playing at the Calderwood Pavilion or at the Boston Center for the Arts are welcome to display their show posters here in rotation with other productions.

Of the five monitors in the lobby, at least one display will be dedicated to productions occurring in the Wimberly, and one dedicated to productions occurring in the Roberts.

Display availability changes depending on performance overlap and other activities happening in the facility.

We are NOT able to accept files in the form of PDF, PowerPoint Presentation, or other file types than what is listed above.

Please send files in the correct resolution.

Digital signage content will not be displayed if it is the wrong size/resolution.

Our staff is here to help in the event you need assistance resizing!

To submit content to be displayed on our monitors, please email Taylor Ness, Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor

If you are sending a movie or multiple images/slides, please share files via DropBox, Google Drive, or other web-based file sharing service.

Marketing Guidelines

These are the same marketing guidelines as outlined in the Renter's Handbook on pages 27 & 28

Publicity and Public Relations Materials - Venue Name

All posters, press releases, flyers, etc. associated with the Licensee’s event must identify the Calderwood by the proper venue name rather than the theatre space within the venue (such as Roberts Studio Theatre). The proper name is currently:

“the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts”


“the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA”

In addition to the required venue name, a specific theatre space may be listed in subscription materials when it is necessary to communicate how the seating configuration and general patron experience differ from one space to another.

It is extremely important to reference only the venue name (the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA) in press releases, flyers, posters, etc. because that is the only published name of the building available to patrons. Once inside the building, we can direct them to the appropriate theatre. They will not, however, find the Wimberly Theatre or the Roberts Studio Theatre on the exterior of the building or online.

Publicity and Public Relations Materials - Box Office

Provided Box Office services should always be referred to as “Boston Theatre Scene Box Office” and the phone number should be 617 933 8600. No other box office numbers may be published. The Boston Theatre Scene logo should be included on all materials where other logos are included. If the design of the poster does not allow for the BTS logo then the website,, should be listed, and should be the only web site promoted for the purchasing of single tickets. Box Office information should appear in the following format for all uses and with the following language:

For tickets:

Call: Boston Theatre Scene Box Office at 617 933 8600

By web at:

In person at: Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA, 527 Tremont Street

or The Huntington Theatre, 264 Huntington Avenue

Neither of the physical Box Offices at the Calderwood or The Huntington Theatre should be called the Box Office. Instead, reference the venue as an outlet.


Licensee may not use or permit the use of, nor any reference whatsoever to, the names “Huntington Theatre Company,” “HTC,” “Huntington Theatre” or “The Huntington,” nor may Licensee permit the use of these names by any sponsor, or in affiliation with any commercial product or company, or for the purpose of fundraising or the solicitation of sponsorship, without the Calderwood Pavilion Manager’s prior written consent.

No signs, banner, advertising, or solicitation materials may be placed on Calderwood Property without express written consent of the Calderwood Pavilion Manager.


One side of the Marquee will be used to list the current Wimberly Theatre production, and the other side will be used to list the current Roberts Theatre production. The Marquee consists of three lines, and will include the Producer (35 characters, 4” tall), Title (22 characters, 8” tall), and the dates (22 characters, 8” tall) as follows:



MAY 20 - JUNE 19

All Lobby Display Guidelines

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