Pre-Show Announcement

Pre-Show Announcement:

In compliance with the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Code, 527 CMR 10.13.2.c, Licensee must play a recorded announcement not more than ten minutes prior to the start of the performance to notify patrons of the locations of the exits to be used in case of a fire or other emergency. Licensor reserves the right to request that stage management maintain a log of the time the announcement is played at each performance. Licensee’s sound design for production must include the capability for playing this recording. In lieu of a recording, a live announcement must be made within the same time frame.

A generic Calderwood Pavilion announcement is available and can be played up to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of any event.

Any prerecorded announcement or live curtain speech should include the following: 

“Massachusetts law requires us to inform you that in the unlikely event of an emergency you may be instructed to evacuate the theatre. Please take a moment to locate the exits. Ushers are standing by to assist you in an emergency.”