Virginia Wimberly Theatre

Welcome to the Virginia Wimberly Theatre! Please have a look around in our 360º venue tour above to see the space from a variety of angles.

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General Information

Seating Capacity: 370

For greater detail on the seating configuration, please see the Renter's Handbook's Ticketing and Box Office's Service section on page 20.

Stage Specifications:

Event Rental Information

Calderwood Pavilion Event Brief.pdf

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Measurements

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Width - 32'-0"

Proscenium Height - 22'-0"

Stage Depth from Plaster Line - 33'-0"

Stage Depth from Apron 35'-0"

Wall to Wall

Center Line to SL Wall - ~29'-0"

Center Line to SR Wall - ~38'-0"

Wing Space

Stage Left - 13'-0"

Stage Right - 22'-0"


Floor to Gridiron - 29'-0"

Distance pipes travel from the deck - 28'-0"

From Stage Lip

To back of Orchestra Level - 38'-0"

To Balcony Overhang - 32'-0"

To back of Balcony Level - 52'-0"

Control Booths


The Wimberly does not have a fully fly space. Maximum trim height is 28'-0", only 6'-0" above the proscenium opening.

Type: T-Bar Manual Counterweight

Weight: 30,000 pounds total

Linesets: 41 pipes, 8" approx centers (plus permanent house & fire curtains)

Arbors: 1,200 pounds each uniform loading

Pipes are 42'-0" long

Lighting System Description

Lighting Control

Audio and Communications System Description

Dressing Rooms

Atmospherics & Special Effects

Please see the special effects page

This video shows the main curtain in the Wimberly coming in and going out at the maximum speed that it is capable of ~20 seconds each direction.

We are not able to relocate or remove the main drape.

Interested in renting the Virginia Wimberly Theatre? Please email