Improvement Projects

The Calderwood Pavilion team continually addresses issues and upgrades the facility to keep the building state of the art and accessible for all who use the space.

Here are some of our projects that keep the Calderwood Pavilion state of the art:

Lighting System Upgrade

We are very pleased to be welcoming in a brand new ETC Paradigm house lighting control system to the Calderwood Pavilion. As a part of this system upgrade, we are installing new control and management systems for the Wimberly, Roberts, and the rest of the facility. This new control system will provide lighting system users with more versatility, speed, and most importantly, reliability, when controlling the work lights and house lights outside of technical rehearsals and performances. New 18" touch screens are being installed to replace the outdated AMX panels in the Wimberly and Roberts. We began this update in July 2022, and as new parts roll in, will continue through Summer 2023 without interrupting production.

Updates from Sing Street

To make Sing Street possible in the Wimberly in August 2022, we made a few crucial modifications to the space to fit this large-scale Broadway-ready musical. There are now cable pass-thrus from the first floor booth to the DSR point of the stage that is easy to access for technicians and capable of holding a significant amount of cable to support lighting, sound, and projections power and data. 

New Poster Lighting

In June 2022, our poster lighting in the Box Office Lobby was replaced with new fixtures that more evenly and brightly light our upcoming and current production materials. The old fixtures were beginning to stop working, and these new fixtures are more energy efficient and modern!

360º Tours

For the 21-22 season, we introduced this website with 360º tours of the venue to provide prospective rental clients and users of the space the ability to see inside all of our spaces to get a sense of what is possible. We are proud to offer this view into the building we are so proud of - check them out on the 360º Images page!

Conventional to LED Lobby Lighting Fixtures

In Summer of 2019, the Calderwood Pavilion upgraded the large majority of the work and lobby lights in the facility from fluorescent and compact fluorescent to high-efficiency LED. This has resulted in a dramatic decrease in energy costs to have the lobby lights on, and a greener building.