Special Effects

The Calderwood Pavilion Is equipped with a state of the art fire and smoke detection system, so some special effects need permitting and coordination before being put Into production. Please use these guidelines and feel free to ask questions to the Operations Supervisor.

Atmospherics - Haze

For the first 18 years of the history of the Calderwood, we did not permit atmospheric effects of any kind In the building. After we started branching out with our testing, we found that there are certain products that do not Interfere with the alarm & smoke detection system. 

Things we tested for:

Due to the nature of the system, only tested and approved haze machines are permitted to be used in the Wimberly. Haze and other atmospheric effects are still not permitted In the Roberts Studio Theatre.

Permitted equipment that does not require testing or a permit from BFD:

If there is a specific effect that you are seeking, please reach out so that we can discuss and find an option that works! We can perform further testing in the space for a fee paid to our fire alarm company to be on-site and temporarily shut off the monitoring system.

Atmospherics - Fog

Fog machines are not permitted in any space within the Calderwood Pavilion.

Smoking On Stage

Actors using theatrical cigarettes is possible on our stages at the Calderwood.

Cigarettes must be herbal or electronic, and a detailed plan of Implementation. Lighters must be self-extinguishing (like a Bic lighter, but NOT a Zippo lighter) Please see an example of a submission here.

Coordination with the Operations Supervisor is required to Implement on-stage smoking. Please reach out to discuss details.

Candles and Live Flame

The use of candles and other live flame in the theatre spaces Is possible with significant coordination with the Boston Fire Department.  Please reach out to the Operations Supervisor 6 weeks (or as soon as possible) before load-In with requests for live flame effects. Typically a BFD fire watch is required for these effects, which will incur additional fees.

Any special effect not expressly prohibited are not necessarily permitted. Please seed approval from the Operations Supervisor.