Digital Presentation Equipment

65" TV Cart

Best for small and medium sized meetings in any space. Brightest and highest resolution in-house option. Comes equipped with it's own computer attached to the cart (Mac) and necessary hookup. TV speakers function well for teleconferencing.

This HD projector is great for presentation and events in any of our spaces and can be used with any of the projections surfaces listed below

Other projectors may be available, please contact us

Large Projections Screen

10'6" x 14'-0"

Free standing or hung from lineset / grid

4:3 aspect ratio

Best for large presentations in the Wimberly or Roberts

Medium Roll-Down Projections Screen

6'-0" x 9'-0"

Hangs from lineset or grid, cannot free stand. Motorized roll up/down functionality, can reveal during presentation.

4:3 aspect ratio

Best for medium-sized presentations in the Roberts or Deane

Small Projections Screen

5'-0" x 5'-0"

Free standing

4:3 aspect ratio

Best for small meetings

Full Stage RP Screen

We have a full-stage rear projections screen designed for the Wimberly Stage. This large format projections surface is often used in theatrical productions for full-scale projections design, but can accommodate events of all sizes in the Wimberly.

46'-0" x 24'-0"

Must hang from lineset pipe.

Please let us know if you would like to use this as early as possible, so that we can hang it early and remove wrinkles, as it has to store folded up.

All projections equipment is available for your event for an additional fee. For pricing and availability,

please contact:

Taylor Ness

Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor