Other Equipment

Yamaha Fullsize Upright Piano

Piano reservation and tuning are available for an additional fee. Please contact building management to schedule usage. Piano usage requires a tuning.

Key Bed Height 31", Music Shelf Height, 46.5 ",  Piano Width 59 1/4",  Piano Depth 24"

Piano Bench

Ideal for use at the piano. Found to be very useful for instrumentalists and accompanists.

18.5" Tall, 15" Deep,  30"  Wide

Music Stands

The Calderwood has a small inventory of music stands availble to all spaces on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please inquire with operations regarding how many music stands you require for your event.

26-48" Tall Floor to Ledge, 60" Tall at Maximum Height, 20" Wide Sheet Holder, and 12" Tall

Costume Rack

Often referred to as a "Z-Rack"

Perfect for costumes or coats

Easily movable

We do not have a large number of hangers in the building. If you need a specific number, please plan to provide them.

To check availability and reserve for your event, please contact:

Taylor Ness

Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor