Rental Guidelines

Upon signing your rental contract, you will be provided with the Renter's Handbook (Exhibit E) which is the long-form version of these details. These Rental Guidelines are meant for easy distribution and reference in a shorter form instead of within a larger document.

There is a downloadable / printable version of these guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Deadlines for Materials Submission 📅

Four Weeks (28 Days) Before First Day in Wimberly/Roberts

Two Weeks (14 Days) Before First Day in Wimberly/Roberts

One Week (7 Days) Before First Day in Wimberly/Roberts

Two Weeks (14 Days) Before Last Day in Wimberly/Roberts

Documents and requested information from the list above should be submitted to the Calderwood Pavilion Operations Supervisor by e-mail. Google Docs or other live updating / living documents are copied at the time of submission, and require notification when adjustments or new copies are made.

General Guidelines 📋

Scenic Guidelines 🛠️

Lighting Guidelines 💡

Sound Guidelines 🎛️

Costume & Wardrobe Guidelines 👗

Please see the Wardrobe Room page

Dressing Room Guidelines 🏢

Load-In / Load-Out Guidelines 🚚

Code of Respect 🤝

The Huntington aspires to create an inclusive and welcoming space for all communities that gather here. We are committed to learning as an institution and encourage all to join us in crafting and sustaining an equity-driven culture. We believe mutual respect is the foundation of a healthy community. Therefore, The Huntington will not tolerate racism, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. Thank you for creating this community with us. We are glad you are here. If you witness or experience events that do not align with this code of respect we encourage you to seek out Calderwood Pavilion Management or email

FY24 Production Rental Guidelines.pdf

The Renter's Handbook and Rental Guidelines are updated each year and re-published in July.

This document & webpage content was last updated 01 July 2023 and is effective thru 30 June 2024.